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Photography became a passion for me early in life. Siblings, farm animals, and anything else that stood still long enough to be photographed were my favorite subjects.

Sports photography became a hobby for me when I began attending little league baseball games. One photo in particular created my photography addiction. The team took the field this particular day, and the pitcher stepped onto the pitcher's mound. He entered his pitching stance, looked at the catcher to get the sign, and then released the ball. I snapped the shutter while the baseball traveled to home plate. When I viewed the photo later, the ball was in sharp focus in the foreground, the pitcher was still bent over watching the ball approach home plate, and the umpire (in the background) was viewing the activities on the field for any plays that would ensue. This initiated my love for sports photography, and I still get goose bumps when I look at that photo.

After moving to the South Carolina Low Country in 2015, I developed a love for photographing shore, wading, and many of the birds and wildlife indigenous to that area. Egrets, herons, and spoonbills were some of my favorite subjects while we lived there. Georgia was calling, so we returned to our home state in 2021.

Special thanks to my husband for putting up with my addiction. He's thrilled that he is able to attend sporting events without me grumbling about it. As long as I have a camera in hand, I can enjoy most all types of sports.

I'll be adding photos on a regular basis, so please check back often. Thanks for stopping by!

Anita Leming
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